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The Inn At Timber Cove
1319 Sanborn Avenue
Ashland, WI 54806
(715) 682-9600
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About the Inn Keepers
"The solemn hush of nature"

Daffodils in front of Carriage House
Daffodils in front of Carriage House
Brian and Tina bring a wide variety of life experiences to the job of innkeeper. Their combined adventures include; hotel restaurant management, business owners, and teachers. They spent seven years living in Brazil and working in several other countries. Those experiences provided the background for an idea to someday have a unique place for guests. Life in Ashland and at the Inn provide a fine outlet for their hobbies. Brian is only a few blocks from the golf course and Tina now has a place to display her antiques from years of shopping estate sales.

Their connection to the Inn at Timber Cove goes back to Tina's childhood. Tina's grandparents lived in the house adjacent to the Inn. As Tina recalls, she always wanted to come over and see what it was like at the "Tucker place", the name by which the property was then known. As the years passed, Tina's parents purchased her grandparents property. In 2001, Tina's father brought the news to Brian and Tina that the "Tucker place" was going up for sale. A few phone calls, some quick life changing decisions, and a trip to Ashland resulted in the purchase of the property that Brian and Tina dreamed of turning into an Inn.

"For us, one of the most rewarding aspects of the Inn is getting to know so many wonderful people." - Brian and Tina

Front porch of the Guest House
Front porch of the Guest House

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