Did you know? Lake Superior contains 10% of all planet Earth's fresh surface water! Chequamegon (shə-WAH-mə-gən) Bay is an inlet located on the south shore of Lake Superior. It's home to several quaint towns including Ashland, Washburn, and Bayfield. Legend says that the “Shining Big Sea Water” mentioned in Longfellow’s poem “Hiawatha” was Chequamegon Bay. Before being settled by white men, this area was home to the Chippewa Indians. The first white men to come to this area, French and British fur traders and French Missionaries, came via Lake Superior. Our area along the bay is home to some of the best birding destinations in the Midwest and 850,000 acres of Chequamegon National Forest - plus, tons of recreational activities!

Where to Dine

From fresh-caught Lake Superior whitefish, farm-to-table establishments, and your classic greasy spoon - there are plenty of options for any foodie!

Outdoor Recreation

Home to the famous "Ice Caves", events like "Book Across the Bay" and dozens of other recreational activities, there's so much to do here!

Bountiful Berries and Orchards

No doubt about it - Lake Superior has such a wonderful effect on our area orchards and berry patches. Pick-your-own or grab some pre-picked options for a true taste of local, homegrown produce.